Tips on Choosing SSB soccer livescore


School Football ( SSB ) has mushroomed . In each city soccer competition running , SSB is very easy to find . How to choose a quality SSB ? From the pattern of practice, most of the nearly equal . There was no significant difference . However , if the observed non-technical factors , many differences between the SSB is good or mediocre
Together with expert football coaching young age the Indonesian national team technical director , Sutan Harhara , we use for measuring tips keualitas a SSB , and the following 5 tips on choosing a qualified SSB SSB and his examples include :
1 . The SSB Must Have Good Organizational Management
SSB is like the regular schools that still need people who understand the development of children’s education and the management of an organization . SSB quality usually have a good management structure . For example they have a principal, head coach , assistant coach at various age levels , treasurer , physiotherapists , secretaries or even public relations .
Example SSB :
a. SSB AS – IOP : Lap.E Gelora Senayan Complex , Unit II, Senayan , Jakarta .
b . SSB Ricky Yakobi : Jl.Patal Senayan , Jakarta .
c . SSB Villa 2000: Housing Pemulang Villa Sector V , Banten , Telp.0217444521
d . SSB Union London : Jl.Ahmad Yani , Bandung ( Arsenal Stadium ) .
e . Napier Football School ( MFS ) 2000: Jl.Kartini Makassar , South Sulawesi , Telp.0411878065
2 . SSB Should Have Adequate Field and Equipment
Field is vital for an SSB . SSB should have a field with FIFA standard size plus adequate turf quality . While other facilities such as locker rooms , stadium lights , or fitness center can be a secondary consideration .
In addition to the field , the completeness of the equipment is also very decisive . SSB will provide all qualified . Ranging from exercise equipment to official match , such as : tone , availability balls , costume exercise , and adequate amounts of costume game is very important .
Example SSB :
a. SSB Pelita Jaya : POR Pelita Sawangan , Bogor , Telp.0217494439
b . SSB Youth Development : Jl.Melati III RT 001 / 005 23 East Cakung , East Jakarta .
c . Bumi Sriwijaya SSB : Yasin Jl.Letnan RT 014 / 005 792 , Palembang , Telp.08127392851
3 . SSB Must Have a Certified Coach
To be a coach SSB is not easy . A coach must have a minimum SSB National C license . So he will be very familiar with the Youth Development . He will know exactly when to practice , games , or the formation of character .
Example SSB :
a. SSB Arsenal : Talavera Office Park , 28th floor , Jl.TB.Simatupang , Kav.26 , Jakarta , Telp.02175999908 .
b . SSB Kediri Son : Jl.Miri 45 , Village Ngasem , Kec.Gamping rejo , Kediri , Telp.0354683130
4 . The SSB Measured Exercise Program Should Have
SSB qualified would have a measurable training programs . Reference to the existing provisions in the Youth Development . For example , for the U – 10 are identical to the fun game , there are already some SSB requires players to master at least three of the seven basic play ball . This must be done because it will greatly assist the process of ascension to a higher level . For example, when entry -level U – 14 or U – 15, which has been faced with the situation that sedungguhnya game or event .
To facilitate the implementation of the program , SSB quality will usually include two coaches in each age category . Example SSB :
a. SSB UB : Jl.Watujajar , Malang , Telp.0341572483
b . Shoots Patriot SSB : GOR Complex Bekasi , Bekasi Jl.Ahmad Yani 2 , Telp.02188959265
5 . SSB Should Be On Competing and Achievement
Under the terms of FIFA , we recommend diving SSB 600 hours annually game . This means that , on average every two weeks to play in official matches . Several major SSB in Jakarta , Medan , and Surabaya conscious about it . They also regularly participate in regular competitions under the PSSI , some SSB around this by holding the tournament itself . It does not matter if it only followed less than 15 SSB .
Example SSB :
a. Mandiri Tunas SSB : Jl.Kalimas Mijen 23 , Semarang
b . SSB Youth Development : Jl.Melati III RT 001 / 005 23 East Cakung , East Jakarta .

Chelsea set up a Football School in Indonesia


Indonesia has a large fan base for the Premier League club , Chelsea . To that end , the club is nicknamed the Blues attempt to get closer to the community in the homeland . After a visit in July last pre -season , a new program will be undertaken . Chelsea Soccer School will be launched in Indonesia on 18 January. It was stated by the Director of the Asian Chelsea manager , Adrian New , in a press conference held in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 17/12 ) . ” We are proud to build school football in this country . Because we are aware that Indonesia is our biggest fan base , ” he said .

Indonesia is the 9th which became home to the Chelsea Soccer School . Previously , Chelsea have set it up in Hong Kong , Japan , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , Thailand , China , and South Korea . Specifically in Malaysia , Chelsea even has two schools at once . According to the Technical Director of the Chelsea Soccer School Indonesia , Haslim Jilani , the establishment of a football school in Jakarta is an early stage .

If successful , it is possible to set up similar schools in other cities . ” For the first time this Jakarta , but for the future could be ( built elsewhere ) , ” he explained . Chelsea Soccer School Indonesia is open for children aged six to 17 years . Registration will be opened on December 18. Participants will be charged a registration fee of R1 , 2 million .

Meanwhile according prediksi sepak bola  , the monthly fees charged Rp880 thousand . Training will begin to be held next January 25 in field F Senayan .

Tips on How To Choose The Right Major


How To Choose The Right Subject browse – Determining the future better and brighter is not an easy matter . This is also true for those who will be graduating from high school , then of course there is also a feeling difficult to determine the place where the college , what major , what is a good university , and so forth . In answering the myriad of questions do exist at the power of self to be able to read the passion that match majors to choose future . The point is not got lost !

Determine the appropriate studies majors can be planned with a variety of measures . In this case we can review various things starting from the cost , the quality , the opinion of some alumni , prospects for the future until after graduating from the department . especially in the era of information technology era , so almost all information can be searched with ease , and it can be used to guide us in order not to get lost in ensuring the majors study .

What are the things that actually need to know in determining the subject is right for you ? To answer your question , then it will be published the following tips on how to choose the right subject which consists of the three most important parts , as follows :

First , if you really did not have a view , then try searching pages leading universities in Indonesia ( or could if overseas ) . Lamaan – lamaan of existing universities , then you will be able to read the news about the achievements and explanations interesting majors . Generally favored majors often reported on the campus site page .

Especially for those of you who already have their own express their views , such as you have been interested in studying communications , the thing you should do is try to find a lot of information as available regarding lamanaan communication at various campuses . The more info that explained it definitely adds more confidence to study there . If we assume this is when you are going to buy an item , then this step is for the way you look right product . If you have not found the right item , then you can try to look around some more other stuff .

Second , try logging into the forums to ask answer on the internet . In this case choose an open forum to ask and trusted , and one possible example is Yahoo Answers . There you can prove the truth of information about the college you want to make it as a place to gain knowledge later . Through the forum you will get a decent range of relevant information , and will open your insight about on a campus.

Third , if the media has been put on the internet try to follow the academic potential test . Generally schools will provide these tests for students in class XII . In this case you will be guided to determine the right direction and in accordance with your academic Traffic . However when in fact interest as you want does not go in the direction you suggested , it does not necessarily reduce your confidence , because it is only as a suggestion only, but in fact the decision remains in the hands of you .

Of some of the tips that have been published above, then as sure of its core subject that you like. Try to think of themselves according to ability . Do not be tempted by the easy job prospects or high income . For instance, so far as it proves the most popular majors will earn a high income after graduation is majoring in medicine . However, if the fact of self can not stand the sight of blood , but then forced to pursue majors before, of course you definitely will not be comfortable . In this case you really need to consider interests , strengths , and then most recently its prospects . Logically, if something must be majoring in the study formed the employment prospects available ? So do not be afraid . by jasa seo indonesia

Tips on choosing the right university


Selecting University for college , – What do you want to learn , self- checking capabilities , the existing budget and others. To choose the university there are many important factors , such as the things that need to be considered when Indonesian people will learn in America :
Choosing a private university or state university ?

In America , studying at university is expensive for sure going to get a quality science , and the most qualified universities are private universities . This is not foreign to the people there . Therefore , studying at a private university costs are very high , but very high quality of education obtained and provide a very good service for their students .

As with the state universities , tuition fees are very cheap but not as good as the service of the student private university , is not able to provide support to individuals students because most large state universities and prioritize students from the state ( rather than foreign students or students who coming from out of state baigian ) .
Although small private universities , most of them given the designation Liberal Arts College because it has fewer number of students , which the university can provide guidance very polite and good care at all that is very well suited for foreign students .

Knowing information about university

To study abroad , especially in America , it takes a very efficient information so you can easily learn more effectively and efficiently . A quick way to find information about American universities are the least qualified to decide about themselves , and then collect the basic information on these requirements . First , try to find two or three universities that you want.